3 Feb.

The Windows Intune Accelerator Device (aka Project TWIAD)

One of the upcoming series of articles that will be posted to this site is what I have called Project TWIAD. The goal of this is to focus on the types of time improvements and download savings that can be made if there is some type of caching solution in between the client PCs and the Internet connection.

This is something that has been documented on the Official Windows Intune Team blog, but I will be going in to details on the hardware configuration used, most likely the very versatile HP MicroServer, and running through some of the different choices of Windows Server that may be suitable, giving the pros and cons of each. Of course you can implement similar solutions on other devices and operating systems, but my heritage is Windows Server so that’s what I’ll be sticking with.

If there are any specific scenarios you would like tested (such as small packages and large application deliveries by the software distrubtion component, initial setup speed differences etc), leave a comment, and I will do my best to incorporate that into the testing that is presented.

This is not going to be highly detailed peer reviewed content, but instead obersvations of what has been found in my specific testing environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t criticise me or my methodologies once published.


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