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Using MDT 2012 RC to deploy the Windows Intune client

Microsoft has had some information on using MDT 2010 to build operating systems with the Windows Intune client installed already, but I thought it was worth taking a look at the process in MDT 2012 RC, and an approach for partners who may need to build images for several of their clients. Two of the critical things to remember when deploying the Windows Intune client to new computers is that it needs internet connectivity to complete the installation. If you

Using Windows Intune to stimulate Windows 7 upgrades

For all the praise that Windows 7 has received since it’s release, there’s still a great deal of Windows XP out there. You see it on people’s laptops in cafes and on planes, you see it in kiosks, you may have it in your own environment or see it when you visit your customers. The benefit for partners One of the big benefits of Windows Intune for the Microsoft partner community is that they can target many of their non-Software

MDOP 2011 R2 Language Update Available

It wasn’t until I was responsible for overlooking Asia Pacific in a previous job that I realised how much easier I had it being a native English speaker in a country with English as the primary language as far as the IT world went. The sheer volume of content that is available in English by default, and then translated to some other languages if someone is willing to fund it, combined with the ability to read and process the available

Microsoft DaRT 8 Beta sign up available

Mentioned in my previous post which highlighted DaRT as a valuable MDOP component for all types of Windows Intune customers, there is great news that the DaRT 8 Beta sign up is now open. Head on over to the sign up page on Microsoft Connect to check out the the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 8 Beta’s support for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview compatibility, new hardware platforms, an updated image creation wizard, as well as native USB deployment support.

More Updating, And A Few Mysteries Solved

Continuing on the theme of the last few posts and updating and distributing software via Windows Intune, I thought it was time to address a few of the issues I’ve encountered since working with Windows Intune. These may be publically documented, but if so, I haven’t seen the links yet. The first mystery I encountered was the discrepancy between the traffic showing on the client NIC properties during the update process. The best way to explain this is that it

To Patch Or Not To Upgrade Base Application Installations

As I was uploading Office 2010 Pro Plus (from the Office 365 subscription), I noticed that Office 2010 Service Pack 1 was not part of the update. At first this struck me as a bit odd, considering that you would normally want the users to receive the latest version of the software, but after some consideration, I decided it’s the better approach to only distribute the RTM version. Why was this? There are several reasons I can think of immediately,

Just how effective is TMG as a caching solution for Windows Intune and Office 365?

As highlighted in previous posts, I’ve been following the advice of the Windows Intune team on setting up a caching solution, in this case ForeFront Threat Management Gateway as a means to accelerate the Windows Intune and Office 365 deployments. What I’ve found is that the initial Windows Intune installation components that are installed don’t benefit greatly from the caching my setup. It seems to be hovering around 50MB for a Windows 7 Enterprise system that has been completely patched

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