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My WPC 2012 Wrap Up

We all go to events with different intentions. TechEd 2012 in Orlando was my chance to feed my inner tech, while WPC 2012 was my chance to reconnect with some old workmates, and see what the big opportunities are going to be in the world of Microsoft technologies in 2012. One of the things that many thought was strange was the lack of Surface devices in keynotes or in the expo area. My take on this is that it would

Latest Windows Intune documents from Microsoft

Microsoft recently released the Security in Windows Intune Whitepaper, which describes the security features of the Windows Intune service and gives customers information they need to use Microsoft’s cloud-based device management solution with confidence. Also available are the latest versions of the Windows Intune Product Guide, the Windows Intune Getting Started Guide, and What’s New In Windows Intune, so grab them as well.

Warming Up To Windows RT, The Story Continues

While there are still many questions that need to be answered on Windows RT in the long run, I’m really beginning to like the idea of how I can put it to work when it becomes available. After spending some time chatting to Lee Sabow from the Windows Business Group at WPC 2012 in Toronto this week, some new and interesting scenarios are coming to mind. For many people today, the iPad is really the only game in town when

Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit 7.0 Available For Download

As a huge fan of MAP, I’m happy to report that the latest version is now available for download. After having used the 7.0 beta alongside the previous version during the last major network migration project I was involved with, I’m glad I can switch wholly across to the new version. New capabilities allow you to: Understand your readiness to deploy Windows Server 2012      in your environment Determine Windows 8 readiness Investigate how Windows Server and System Center can

MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta 1 Available For Download

At TechEd last month, one of the sessions I really enjoyed was the MDT 2012 and Windows 8 sesion, which covered off some of the improvements that were coming to help with Windows 8 deployments. Unfortunately the video and presentation for that session have been removed from the site, along with many of the other Windows 8 based sessions. MDT 2012 Update 1 will officially support Windows 8 advanced scenarios, and includes a new version of Windows PE that does

Windows 8 Logos Can Appear on Product Packaging From July 31

This isn’t an announcement that Windows 8 will ship, but that hardware that has already been certified for Windows 8 can use the Windows 8 logo. To ensure that hardware can be certified prior to the release of a new version of Windows, Microsoft allows their OEM partners to submit for logo against pre-release versions of the operating systems, which means there isn’t a post RTM window (no pun intended) without certified PCs and devices. This has several benefits for

Wiping The Dust Off Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft’s recent announcement of their own brand  of ARM and Intel based devices have certainly caught many people, myself included, by surprise. While it is too early to really dig too deeply into the hardware itself, there are certainly many questions that need to be asked, and like many other people out there, contribute my own speculation and opinion to the mix. Why Would Microsoft Do This? Over the years Microsoft has released a number of hardware devices that most

R.I.P. Small Business Server, Welcome Windows Server 2012 Essentials continued…

I’ve received a few messages from those I’ve worked with in the SBS community over the years, and while I can understand some of the emotional responses that are taking place, I still see this move as inevitable based on what I previously posted. I want this post to be seen as more of a what to do next discussion starter, because if you haven’t started working with cloud solutions, even in a limited or test environment, you have some

R.I.P. Small Business Server, Welcome Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Today on the SBS Blog it was announced that the successor to SBS 2011 Essentials is going to be called Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and that  there would be no replacement for SBS 2011 Standard. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, the writing has been on the wall for SBS as we knew it for a long time, but some just weren’t seeing it there. This announcement doesn’t have the emotional impact on me that I know it is

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