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Altech Windows 8 Launch Site – Week 7 Content

Last week saw the launch of Windows 8, and brings to a conclusion the daily updates to the Altech launch site. I’ll still be doing regular updates, but now that the products have launched they will be on an as needed basis when important information or updates become available. Customising Windows PE Images For Your Installations In the last post I covered the steps required to create Windows PE boot images using some new tools in the Windows ADK, which

Upcoming Windows Intune Webcasts

There are two Academy Live webcasts coming up for Windows Intune…here are Microsoft’s descriptions… Licensing Attach Overview for Large Organisations Session OverviewJoin us to find out the latest updates information about Windows Intune licensing and SKUs.  Windows Intune now has an attractive add-on option to Core CAL bringing key functionality for customers looking to manage mobile devices, including Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. (This is a sales session, not a licensing deep dive.) Who should attend: LARs & LSSsLevel:

Altech Windows Server 2012 Launch Site – Week 6 Content

My posts from the Altech launch site from last week… Deploying Your OEM Windows Images With Windows Server 2012 With the introduction of Windows Server 2012, there comes a new version of Windows Deployment Services, and some new storage capabilities that make it worth investigating when it comes to deploying in your build environment. In today’s post I will  cover some of the things you can do with Windows Server 2012 to make the most of its capabilities. SSD Benefits

Altech Windows 8 Launch Site – Week 6 Content

My posts from the Altech launch site from last week… Rethinking Your Windows 8 Pre-Install Part 1 With the general availability of Windows 8 rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how your system builds will change when the new OS ships. Today I’ll cover off some of the things that system builders will need to take into account from the software perspective. Rethinking Your Windows 8 Pre-Install Part 1 With the general availability of Windows 8 rapidly approaching,

Altech Windows Server 2012 Launch Site–Week 5 Content

Last week’s posts from the Altech launch site SSD Benefits For Windows Server 2012 Part 1 For specific workloads, many of the benefits that end users receive from SSDs also apply on servers, and in today’s post I want to cover a some of these. While it’s not cost effective or all that useful to use SSDs in general purpose storage where speed isn’t critical, such as the typical file server, for scenarios such as virtualisation and databases there are

Altech Windows 8 Launch Site–Week 5 Content

Here are last week’s articles, ramping up with launch rapidly approaching! Gaming Improvements With Windows 8 With Windows 8, gaming is now a much more varied beast than it was under earlier versions of Windows. The rise of casual gaming over the past years was something that Windows 7 didn’t directly address, instead it continued the ongoing focus on DirectX. Improving The Hyper-V User Experience In the first two parts of this series, I covered the steps involved in moving

Altech Windows Server 2012 Launch Site – Week 4 Content

Here are last week’s articles I wrote for Altech’s Windows Server 2012 launch site. Remote Desktop Services In Windows Server 2012 Microsoft has been offering Remote Desktop Services, or what many still call Terminal Services, since they released Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition, and have made major updates to it over its release history. Starting with Windows 2000, the Terminal Services role was incorporated into the regular server editions, and with Windows Server 2008 R2 it was renamed to

Altech Windows 8 Launch Site–Week 4 Content

Here are links to last week’s articles on the Altech Windows 8 launch countdown website. Install Multiple Versions of Windows From A Single Flash Drive While I am usually a fan of doing as much as possible to automate the installation of Windows onto PCs and servers, sometimes you just need a simple, flexible approach to allow you to quickly install Windows onto a new machine. All you need is a large flash drive, I recommend a minimum of 16GB.

Altech Windows Server 2012 Launch Articles – Week 3

The articles for week 3 of Altech’s Windows launch website, enjoy! Diving Into Storage Spaces Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 introduces many new features for Windows Server, but I’ll focus on those that will have the biggest impact in the SMB space over the coming years, and how to quickly set up some of these capabilities so that you can test them. Choosing The Right Server Operating System For SMB Customers With the announcement of Small Business Server 2011

Altech Windows 8 Launch Articles – Week 3

Week 3 of the Altech Windows 8 Launch articles I’ve been writing – have a read for my take on the new features and capabilities in Windows 8. Hyper-V Tips And Tricks In Windows 8 Pro The inclusion of Hyper-V with Windows 8 Pro delivers some great out of box functionality, but there are some simple things you can do to make it even more useful in a variety of scenarios, including development,  testing, deployment and application compatibility scenarios. Windows

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