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Windows 8 App Updates–Is It Time For You To Retire Outlook?

The new updates for Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging have started trickling through, so it prompts the question – do Windows RT users rejoice because Outlook is no longer needed? No. While I had previously posted that the messaging from Microsoft around Outlook on Windows RT had turned into “Do you really need Outlook, just improvements to the free apps?”. While these improvements to the free apps will help reduce absolute reliability on Outlook, unfortunately there is a great deal

Is this (the shape of) your next PC?

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few too many Windows 8 tablets and laptops, and there’s been a form factor variation that seems to be a winner in the long term, and that’s the dockable tablet. The main one I have been able to spend a few weeks with is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, but there was a brief dalliance with the HP ElitePad and some of it’s

Targus To The Rescue

Recently my colleague Loryan Strant aka The Cloud Mouth wrote a post about using one of the Targus USB 3.0 docking stations with his Surface Pro (purchased in the US during MVP summit, and before you ask, nobody from Microsoft Australia is discussing a local release date yet…). This is the type of usage we normally expect from various docking stations, but the ever shrinking number of ports on devices has made these more of a must have than a

Windows 8 screen resolution requirements being relaxed

In a move that I’ve got mixed feelings about, Microsoft has announced that the minimum screen resolution for Windows 8 tablet devices is being lowered to 1024*768 instead of 1366*768. Side by side Windows 8 apps won’t be supported at this lower resolution though, and OEMs who ship these devices need to include a disclaimer along the lines of the following… “The integrated display resolution of this system is below the threshold for snap, a feature that lets people view

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