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Queen Elizabeth II chimes in on Windows 8.1 Preview

According to a trusted source, the Queen has expressed great outrage at the exclusion of what she calls “real English support” from the preview release of the Windows 8.1 preview for her Surface. It’s not widely known that the Queen loves technology, but she knows that tablets aren’t just little pills that you have to hide in the pâté that the royal corgis are spoon fed each morning in order to keep their intestinal tracts parasite free. She is encouraging

Simple Recertification for Windows 8.1 Hardware Logo

Although it shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s good to see that Microsoft has implemented a simple recertification process for a wide variety of device types. Certified Windows 8 devices and drivers can be resubmitted for Windows 8.1 Digital Video CameraDigital Media RendererDigital Still CameraDistribution Scan Management Enabled DeviceEnterprise WSD Multifunction PrinterGame ControllerGeneric ControllerGraphics TabletHard Drive – HDD, SSDLAN CSLANLCDMonitorMultifunction PrinterOptical DrivePen DigitizerPrecision TouchpadPrinterRemovable StorageRouterScannerSDIO ControllerSignature TabletSmart CardSmart Card ReaderStorage ArrayStorage Controller (Client)Storage Spaces Adapter (Client)Storage Spaces DriveStorage Spaces EnclosureTouchTouch MonitorUSB

The long term benefits of Hyper-V (and Windows) in the Xbox One

While many gaming enthusiasts have had a crash course in Hyper-V since the recent Microsoft announcements, for those of us on the IT side of the fence have had time to think about the possible ramifications of this on our world, and the good news is that it’s all good news. More Hyper-V Hosts = More Data = Better Hyper-V Hosts One of the most critical benefits I see in this is that Microsoft can drastically install the base of

Windows RT’s Outlook Gets Brighter

For those of us who have one of the different Windows RT devices in market, including Surface, the news this week that an ARM based Outlook 2013 will be available is great news. While the Windows 8 Mail app has received updates since launch, they have neither had the frequency nor capabilities that we needed to make this a more palatable messaging client for the Outlook dependent. While there are some who are wishing that the Office suite was ported

Windows Intune Wave E Preview

It was great to see Windows Intune featured in this week’s TechEd keynote, and plenty of additional details have started to emerge, some of which I will cover in this post. I won’t be covered items related to the System Center Configuration Manager integration as that’s not my area of focus, instead I’ll focus on the cloud based PC management and Mobile Device Management capabilities. Cloud Only Option What does Windows Intune offer when working as a standalone service? It’s

Windows Azure Benefits For MSDN Subscribers Continue To Improve

After watching the TechEd 2013 keynote, there were quite a few things that jumped out on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 that I will cover as more details emerge during the week, but the Azure improvements were very well received. As someone who uses Azure for test purposes, the MSDN changes were a huge improvement, I would burn through resources that VMs touched, but others would be largely unused each month. The move to a monthly allowance across

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