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Belkin and Windows 8.1 – Now With More Miracast 25/81

Back in a previous post I discussed Miracast support in Windows 8.1 and some of the different devices I had a chance to try out, but I’m now ready to crown a new champion based on my own experiences. I had previously mentioned that Belkin had some information available about an upcoming Miracast adapter, and now that I’ve got it and had a chance to run it through its paces, I’m pleased to announce I’ve found an adapter that works well

RemoteApp and Desktop Connections in Windows 8.1 24/81

I’ve previously covered several elements of Microsoft’s BYOD technologies for Windows 8.1, including Work Folders, Workplace Join and Device Management, but an old favourite gets thrust into the spotlight as part of this strategy, and that is Remote Desktop. Whether we are talking about presenting a Windows desktop or an application, RDP has become more important as non-Windows platforms have taken the lion’s share of the mobile device world. While versions of Office and other productivity and LOB applications are

What’s The Windows 8.1 Workplace? Part 2 23/81

In yesterday’s post I covered Workplace join, but there was another option for device management which I hadn’t discussed yet. This option allows Windows 8.1 devices to be managed as mobile devices via the OMA-DM API which allows many different MDM solutions to target Windows 8.1 as well as the types of devices traditionally associated as mobile devices. Now I can choose to Turn On device management, which in this case allows Windows Intune to manage by Windows 8.1 device

What’s The Windows 8.1 Workplace? Part 1 22/81

Tucked away under the Network options in Windows 8.1 is the Workplace, which the more adventurous 8.1 users have discovered without really seeing what it is capable of delivering. There are two different pieces here, the first is the Workplace join, which gives many of the benefits of joining a domain without needing to join a domain, and the second it taking advantage of Windows 8.1s ability to be managed as a mobile device rather than as a traditional PC.

Windows XP Australian Launch Flashback Photos

The Windows XP launch in Australia back in 2001 was a (pop)star studded event. For those of you who missed it, here are some photos I dug up. Yes, I’m in some of them, and thankfully I wasn’t having a bad hair day that day. This was the last mega software launch that happened in Australia, and I’m sure I can probably dig up a highlight reel video as well, let me see what I can find.

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