Monthly Archives: May 2014

Office 365 ProPLUS Deployment update

The May update to Office 365 ProPlus included a few changes, but from the deployment side the biggest change is that you have more control over the components that get installed for the user. If you aren’t familiar with benefits of Office 365 ProPlus take a look at this previous post. To get started you need to download the latest Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run from Microsoft, which is only a small download. Once downloaded, the installation is a simple

Office 365 ProPlus and Remote Desktop Services – Downloaded, Deployed and Dissected

The belated launch of Office 365 via Open in Australia has brought a great deal of attention to Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions, and how they compare to Office 2013 SKUs acquired via other license types. What makes things more complicated this time round is that depending on who you subscribe through – a syndication partner, Microsoft’s portal or through Open, you can end up with different usage rights, and you also end up with different levels of functionality depending on

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