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More Fun WIth Office Click To Run Deployments

Okay, maybe fun isn’t quite the right word, but sometimes that’s really the only way to explain the attraction to dig a little deeper. After the last post where I covered how to take advantage of some of the lesser documented product IDs that work with Office Click To Run, it’s time to see how including a product ID versus ExcludeApp affect what gets deployed. Let’s start with the Lync client, because the one I had to work with most

The Windows 8.1 Update User Experience Part 1

With each new release with Microsoft Windows, there are always a large number of new features and capabilities, but sometimes these can get can get washed out amongst the noise that usually surrounds some of the other changes. This has definitely been the case since Windows 8 was released, much of the focus has been on the changes to the interface, rather than focusing on some of the benefits these and other changes bring to users of earlier versions of

Reducing Bandwidth Requirements For Office 365 Small Business Premium Deployments

One of the documented differences with the included version of the desktop application in Office 365 Small Business Premium versus Office 365 Pro Plus is that you don’t have the same ability to download once and distribute to many clients, and by many, let’s say 25 users, because that’s the maximum on the P Plans. However, just because the documentation says something, doesn’t mean that we can’t do a bit of digging behind the scenes and see what can be

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