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Restoring Your Windows Phone 8.1 After A Reset

In an earlier post I covered how to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to either restore your Lumia with the WP8.1 Preview for Developers to the factory image, or better yet have Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Cyan be applied automatically. There was a downside though, which is that it didn’t maintain your data In my last post I covered backing the phone up, today I will cover restoring the phone. Let’s run through this from a phone running

Backing Up Your Windows Phone Before Upgrading To Windows Phone 8.1

In the last post I covered using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool which allows you to restore your phone to a base Nokia image if you had joined the Preview for Developers program and gained early access to Windows Phone 8.1. One of the key points I mentioned was that it was a complete reset of your phone, meaning that you would lose your data and settings. Today I’ll cover what you should be doing, even when there aren’t imminent

Nokia Software Recovery Tool Images Updated With Windows Phone 8.1 And Cyan

This post started off quite differently from what it has ended up as, thanks to some changes that were occurring behind the scenes part way through writing and capturing screenshots. The original goal of the post was to show how you could easily use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to reset your Lumia back to the Windows Phone 8 base image for those of you running the Developer Preview (DP) to get Cyan on their faster. The available images include

The Windows 8.1 Update User Experience Part 2

In the first part of this series I discussed some of the ways you can start customising Windows 8.1 to suit your personal needs, including making the Start Screen more relevant and booting straight to the desktop. Other interface enhancements that have been introduced with previous versions of Windows have also moved into the Windows 8 family of products, including Jump Lists and Snap. If you are a Windows 7 user, you have probably already used Jump Lists, which allows

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