Monthly Archives: September 2014

Intune to support iOS 8 at launch, adds new features

The Intune team have announced that they will be support iOS 8 on launch day, here’s the text from their blog post on the topic, and a more in depth post is here. Regardless of your personal views of what the new iPhones deliver, for many organisations they will be arriving en masse shortly due to user demand, and there will be plenty of eager iOS7 users updating within the next few days, and expecting you in IT to make

Nokia Lumia 1520 with Here Drive+ As My Car navigation System – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Last week I decided to use my Lumia 1520 as my sole GPS while driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back, I wanted to see how well Here Drive+ would work as my primary navigation system, which would also be putting the Windows Phone 8.1 updates with Cyan to the test, and it was also the first serious workout that my recently purchased Nokia CR-201 wireless charging car holder. Rather than breaking this post into a section on

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