9 Feb.

Outlook for iOS Add-In Notification from Intune team

Another announcement from the Intune team about what’s required to make sure that the Outlook add-ins announced last week interact with Exchange and Mobile Application Management policies. Read on for the full details included in the email…

Last week, the Outlook team announced add-ins for Outlook on iOS. This add-in feature set already exists in Outlook on Windows, web and Mac (in Office Insiders). Since add-ins are managed via Exchange, users will be able to copy and share data and messages across Outlook and unmanaged add-in applications, unless access to add-ins is turned off by your Exchange admin. In order to manage user access permissions to add-ins, please work with your Exchange admin to ensure that your MAM data protection policies apply to add-ins. How does this affect me? If your Exchange policies are already set to prevent side loading add-ins or installing add-ins, then read no further. Your MAM policies will apply per your settings. If, however, you have set policies in MAM to restrict cut, copy, and paste operations within Outlook on iOS and have not set your add-in policy in Exchange, you should know that by default, users will be able to install add-ins to Outlook. These add-ins can access message body, subject and other message properties. You can turn off end-user ability to install add-ins by having your Exchange Admin remove the “My Marketplace Apps” and “My Custom Apps” roles. For more details, see the additional information link shared below. Note that the setting change in Exchange will apply to Outlook across Windows, web, Mac (in Office Insiders) and mobile. What do I need to do? Review your Exchange policies today. Read up on the documentation linked below. Inform your IT and helpdesk staff. Contact our support team with any specific questions or concerns. Please click additional information to learn more.

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