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Microsoft Specialist – 70-398 Planning For And Managing Devices In The Enterprise – Exam Now Live

Overnight I received notification that the results were in for those who sat the beta version of the 70-398 Planning For And Managing Devices In The Enterprise, and thankfully I’d managed to get through. One of the hardest parts of preparing for beta exams is that you don’t have much to go by in terms of specific preparation content. More often than not in my case it turns into a somewhat chaotic effort to pull together a diverse range of resources that

Office 365 Beta Exams 71-346 and 71-347

The site has been a bit quiet over the past month as I’ve been doing the groundwork to complete the last two exams of my MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure certification. I lost momentum when my source of exam vouchers dried up, and that thing called life got in the way. With some renewed free exam voucher offers and some discounted exam packs, I was gently prodded back into action and am happy to report that I got through the two post

Windows RT’s Outlook Gets Brighter

For those of us who have one of the different Windows RT devices in market, including Surface, the news this week that an ARM based Outlook 2013 will be available is great news. While the Windows 8 Mail app has received updates since launch, they have neither had the frequency nor capabilities that we needed to make this a more palatable messaging client for the Outlook dependent. While there are some who are wishing that the Office suite was ported

Windows Azure VM Fun – or how to kill time on a wet, miserable public holiday…

In Australia we got to have two Australia Day’s this year, the first on Saturday for the real Australia Day, and yesterday (Monday) for the second time in the Australian tradition of taking an extra day off when a holiday falls on a weekend. A large chunk of the east coast of Australia was hit by heavy rain, thankfully no flooding here, but others weren’t so lucky. I spent most of the day with Loryan Strant via Lync Online running

Windows Intune Wave D – Early Discussion And Analysis

Even though Wave D is still a way off, some of the recent announcements are worth writing about now that I have had some time to discuss them with others and think about the implications. Some this is a deeper look at some of the announcements that were made back in early September, while other elements are based on conjecture, hearsay and a bit of imagination, all while being careful not to discuss anything that hasn’t been made public yet.

Session Summary – Desktop to Cloud Office 365 and Windows Intune deployment session

While the session focused on the larger issue of IT folk capitalising on their existing skill sets to streamline cloud deployments, the technologies at the heart of the discussion were Windows Intune as the application and update delivery platform, and the Office 365 Professional Plus installable components as the bits being delivered. The new Windows Intune user portal was highlighted for application deployment, with a real time download and installation kick off of Office Pro Plus which only took a

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Overview Video

I just put together a short video highlighting some of the new capabilities of the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release, the precursor to video updates delving into more detailed videos explaining the new features in more detail.  

Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Features And How They Relate To Windows Intune

[Edited April 25, 2012 to update the BrancheCache information] Microsoft has started to release details of Windows 8 Enterprise, which is important for Windows Intune subscribers who are wondering what they will eventually be able to take advantage of. Note that my commentary is based on the information that is available today, and that there could be further announcements that clarify some points. As would be expected, it builds on top of the functionalities of Windows 8 Professional, and adds

What’s New in the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release document

More Windows Intune documentation has hit the Microsoft download center, this time it’s the What’s New in the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release document. The document covers the following information, which gives a pretty good idea of where Windows Intune is heading. Greater Control with a New Sign-in Service Updated and New Administration Consoles Mobile Device Management The Windows Intune Company Portal: A New Self-Service Portal for Your End-Users Enhanced Group Management Integration with Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services Recommended

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Getting Started Guide available for download

Seeming to fulfill many of the predictions that there will be a new Intune beta available during the Microsoft Management Summit this week, the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Getting Started Guide is up on Microsoft’s download pages, ready for your consumption. Stay tuned in as we analyze it and eagerley await our beta invite to come through!

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