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Download the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10

The ADMX templates for Windows 10 have just hit the Microsoft download centre.  Group Policy tools use Administrative template files to populate policy settings in the user interface. This allows administrators to manage registry-based policy settings.   You can download them here, and below is some of the important information regarding the download. It’s also worth grabbing the spreadsheet that includes details of the Group Policy settings here, along with a bunch of downlevel OS Group Policy settings spreadsheets as

Latest Windows Intune documents from Microsoft

Microsoft recently released the Security in Windows Intune Whitepaper, which describes the security features of the Windows Intune service and gives customers information they need to use Microsoft’s cloud-based device management solution with confidence. Also available are the latest versions of the Windows Intune Product Guide, the Windows Intune Getting Started Guide, and What’s New In Windows Intune, so grab them as well.

What’s New in the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release document

More Windows Intune documentation has hit the Microsoft download center, this time it’s the What’s New in the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release document. The document covers the following information, which gives a pretty good idea of where Windows Intune is heading. Greater Control with a New Sign-in Service Updated and New Administration Consoles Mobile Device Management The Windows Intune Company Portal: A New Self-Service Portal for Your End-Users Enhanced Group Management Integration with Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services Recommended

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Getting Started Guide available for download

Seeming to fulfill many of the predictions that there will be a new Intune beta available during the Microsoft Management Summit this week, the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Getting Started Guide is up on Microsoft’s download pages, ready for your consumption. Stay tuned in as we analyze it and eagerley await our beta invite to come through!

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