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Windows 8.1 Update online sessions coming in June

This month I will be delivering three Windows 8.1 online events for the readiness team, in which I will be covering various elements of Windows 8.1 capabilities, deployment and management. The demise of XP, and an ever increasing number of touch based Windows devices mean that customers need to be aware of what’s in store and how you can make that transition easier for them. You can register for these now at the Partner Learning Centre. Introducing the Windows 8.1

Simple Windows 8.1 Tips For IT Pros (11/81)

For today’s post I have assembled some of the things that IT Pros should be looking at on Windows 8.1, this time for their own benefit, not necessarily targeting their user base. Taskbar Enhancements Well, I guess I have to start with the most obvious one, pun intended. Yes, the “Start” button. For anyone who has been using Windows 8.1 for an extended period of time it’s not that big a deal, but the nice thing it brings is that

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