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Windows 10 Projection Improvements

Now that I’ve been using the different Windows 10 previews for a while I thought it was time I started highlighting some of the changes that I like. Some of these might seem minor, but with constant use they certainly add up. Considering the amount of time my laptop spends connected to projectors and hotel room televisions, any improvement in this area is definitely appreciated, so on to the changes in projection. Windows+P launches still launches projection options, but the

Belkin and Windows 8.1 – Now With More Miracast 25/81

Back in a previous post I discussed Miracast support in Windows 8.1 and some of the different devices I had a chance to try out, but I’m now ready to crown a new champion based on my own experiences. I had previously mentioned that Belkin had some information available about an upcoming Miracast adapter, and now that I’ve got it and had a chance to run it through its paces, I’m pleased to announce I’ve found an adapter that works well

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