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WPC2016 and Related EMS Announcements

This week at WPC Microsoft have been discussing some of the most recent changes to EMS, which has now been rebranded from Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security to take into account some of the recent additions that focus heavily on security. Over the coming weeks I’ll have time to dig into these in more detail, but for now here are the related blog posts for the announcements. Introducing Enterprise Mobility + Security Learn about the rebranding and

Office 365 Desktop Applications And Azure RMS

A scenario that is being raised more often now that Microsoft is pushing it’s Enterprise Mobility Suite through the SMB channel is whether or not the version of the Office 365 desktop applications included with the Business and Business Premium plans can interoperate with Azure Rights Management Service. The answer is yes, but with an asterisk. What’s the asterisk? The Business and Business Premium desktop applications do allow you to open rights protected content, but they don’t allow you to

Office 365 Beta Exams 71-346 and 71-347

The site has been a bit quiet over the past month as I’ve been doing the groundwork to complete the last two exams of my MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure certification. I lost momentum when my source of exam vouchers dried up, and that thing called life got in the way. With some renewed free exam voucher offers and some discounted exam packs, I was gently prodded back into action and am happy to report that I got through the two post

Windows 8 App Updates–Is It Time For You To Retire Outlook?

The new updates for Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging have started trickling through, so it prompts the question – do Windows RT users rejoice because Outlook is no longer needed? No. While I had previously posted that the messaging from Microsoft around Outlook on Windows RT had turned into “Do you really need Outlook, just improvements to the free apps?”. While these improvements to the free apps will help reduce absolute reliability on Outlook, unfortunately there is a great deal

Session Summary – Desktop to Cloud Office 365 and Windows Intune deployment session

While the session focused on the larger issue of IT folk capitalising on their existing skill sets to streamline cloud deployments, the technologies at the heart of the discussion were Windows Intune as the application and update delivery platform, and the Office 365 Professional Plus installable components as the bits being delivered. The new Windows Intune user portal was highlighted for application deployment, with a real time download and installation kick off of Office Pro Plus which only took a

Just how effective is TMG as a caching solution for Windows Intune and Office 365?

As highlighted in previous posts, I’ve been following the advice of the Windows Intune team on setting up a caching solution, in this case ForeFront Threat Management Gateway as a means to accelerate the Windows Intune and Office 365 deployments. What I’ve found is that the initial Windows Intune installation components that are installed don’t benefit greatly from the caching my setup. It seems to be hovering around 50MB for a Windows 7 Enterprise system that has been completely patched

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