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The MAP 9.0 Beta In Action

Well, coincidence would have it that today I got a chance to try MAP 9.0 beta out at on a customer engagement, and so far it’s looking solid. If you are familiar with MAP, refer to my previous post about the MAP 9.0 Beta to get an idea of what it is capable of. The setup isn’t dramatically different to previous MAP installs, and it’s pretty much the same size download at just over 70MB, so you don’t have to

Windows 8 – What’s New On Microsoft Virtual Academy?

Microsoft Virtual Academy is turning into an incredibly useful source of online training, and Windows 8 is no exception. Even though there will be a big influx of Windows 8.1 content in the months to come, much of the underpinnings remain the same, so spending some time learning more about Windows 8 is going to ease your introduction to Windows 8.1, especially if you have avoided any interaction with Windows 8. What’s the problem with avoiding Windows 8 and waiting

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