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Join me on the Powered by MVP: Windows 10 IT Pro Readiness Webcast

Tomorrow I will be co-presenting with Arnav Sharma, who is also MVP for Windows IT Pro, as we do a whirlwind tour of what’s new and updated with Windows 10, as well as some of the coming udpates. Make sure to register here. The MVP Award and the Windows IT Pro teams are pleased to offer a series of *free* live webcasts worldwide to provide awareness and first hand guidance about Windows 10 Enterprise for IT Pros. The webcasts will be delivered

Surface Pro With Wired Networking

In yesterday’s post I discussed some of the issues and workaround in getting large amounts of content onto the Surface, but with Surface Pro the story is much easier – get a USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter. Now, while Microsoft has a USB Ethernet adapter available, their website gives so few details that I would not be inclined to purchase one as a consumer. What’s the problem? Well, there are two problems. The first is that they don’t mention if

Traveling with a Surface and a Surface Pro

I’ve gotten into the habit with travelling with both devices again, the Windows 8.1 preview has given a new lease of life to the original Surface, as I’m one of those people who just has to have Outlook to feel productive. Call me old fashioned, argue the benefits of using web based mail clients, or try to preach the benefits of having separate apps for calendar, mail, contacts etc all you want, I will smile, nod, and ignore you. One

Increasing Surface Tension

While Microsoft’s recent announcement of an almost $1B write down on Surface inventory caught everyone by surprise, the fact that it was languishing was no secret. While I have written about Surface and Windows RT repeatedly in the past with both praise and criticism, I see the write down as a PR exercise which will allow a phoenix to rise from the ashes, kind of like what may happen to Amanda Bynes career if she isn’t really suffering from some

My Surface Prodictions

After spending time in several hardware sessions at WPC13, merging in my wish list, and adding a dose of reality, I’ve come up with the following Surface predictions in a non-scientific and completely random manner. Naming Choices V2 is too boring. SP1 would acknowledge problems in previous versions along with an expectation of being available free of charge. Gen 2 or G2 would be too much like HP servers. Adding a year to the suffix causes an expectation of annual

Hardware Essentials For Your Surface Pro

In the growing anticipation of the local launch of the Surface Pro, I’ve put together a list of items you may want to add to the your accessory arsenal to maximise your productivity. One of the downsides of downsized devices is that it can compromise some of the things that help you get the most from your new purchase. Type Cover As I’ve previously mentioned in my article on the Surface, moving from a Touch Cover to a Type Cover

Windows 8 screen resolution requirements being relaxed

In a move that I’ve got mixed feelings about, Microsoft has announced that the minimum screen resolution for Windows 8 tablet devices is being lowered to 1024*768 instead of 1366*768. Side by side Windows 8 apps won’t be supported at this lower resolution though, and OEMs who ship these devices need to include a disclaimer along the lines of the following… “The integrated display resolution of this system is below the threshold for snap, a feature that lets people view

Something Is Growing On My Surface

And that would be me. I embraced the Surface with a sense of skepticism, knowing in advance the shortcomings of Windows RT versus Windows 8, and the limitations of the included versions of the Office applications, yet it hasn’t been placed in the “pile of questionable hardware devices for testing purposes that my wife wishes I would get rid of”. What’s Not To Like? I will deliberately keep this section short, too many articles and conversations on Surface and Windows

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