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Windows Autopilot Resources

Last week saw public announcements for the Windows Autopilot technologies, as well as some of the additional capabilities coming up in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update which will be released later this year. Windows Autopilot allows OEMs, distributors and resellers to link a device to an organisation, which means that even before the user signs in for the first time the device can start receiving customisations based on group membership. At it’s core, Windows Autopilot allows a brand new

Configuring Windows Information Protection In The Azure Portal Preview

A few weeks ago I made several posts about Azure Active Directory Preview in the Azure Portal, and this week it’s time to start looking at some of the Intune preview capabilities in the Azure Portal. Today I’ll start with Windows Information Protection, which has moved into the Intune Mobile Application Management blade. Previously this is where the Platform choices (highlighted above) only showed iOS and Android, but now we have Windows 10 making a long overdue appearance. Once I

AAD Self Service Group Management In the Azure Portal

Following on from the last two posts, this time the focus is on Azure Active Directory Self Service Group Management capabilities. Figure 1: The first step is enabling the Self Service Group Management settings in the Azure Portal, under Directory, Users and Groups – Group settings, General settings. Figure 2: Signed in as Admin, I choose the option to Create Group. Figure 3: Choose the appropriate details, this case I have selected the Group policy of The group requires owner

Upcoming MVA Course: Preparing Your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service

If you’re looking at enterprise mobility and Windows 10, join the experts on July 16, 2015 and a July 17, 2015 rebroadcast for “Preparing Your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service.” Hosted by Simon May, this is the fifth course in the popular Enterprise Mobility Core Skills series. Get answers to your tough technical questions about Windows 10, and hear details about under-the-hood improvements that can improve your team’s productivity. Register today   Don’t forget to take a look

Microsoft Intune End User Enrolment Guide Published

Last week the Enterprise Content Management Team published the Microsoft Intune Enrolment Guide in PDF and Word formats. The guide is customisable and provides high level instructions for users to be able to enrol their own Windows, iOS and Android devices .

More details emerging of the Office 365 and CRM Online migration to Australian Datacenters

Phil Goldie from Microsoft sent the following information through to partners in Australia… I don’t see anything listed around Intune being migrated to Australian datacenters, maybe I need to poke around a bit and find out what is happening. Dear Mark, In December 2014, we announced plans to start delivering Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from Australian datacentres by the end of March 2015. As these plans come to fruition, I wanted to give you an early sense of

Adding Online Services To Your Windows Server Essentials Install–Introduction

Shortly after the release of Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Microsoft released the Microsoft Online Services Integration Module as an optional download that allowed easy integration between Office 365 and your on-premises Active Directory environment. With the Essentials roles and editions of Windows Server 2012 and R2, it’s an out of box component, and offers some flexibility and features that really help with the initial integration, but also the ongoing maintenance of the user accounts and licenses. Over the next

Nokia Lumia 1520 with Here Drive+ As My Car navigation System – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Last week I decided to use my Lumia 1520 as my sole GPS while driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back, I wanted to see how well Here Drive+ would work as my primary navigation system, which would also be putting the Windows Phone 8.1 updates with Cyan to the test, and it was also the first serious workout that my recently purchased Nokia CR-201 wireless charging car holder. Rather than breaking this post into a section on

The Windows 8.1 Update User Experience Part 2

In the first part of this series I discussed some of the ways you can start customising Windows 8.1 to suit your personal needs, including making the Start Screen more relevant and booting straight to the desktop. Other interface enhancements that have been introduced with previous versions of Windows have also moved into the Windows 8 family of products, including Jump Lists and Snap. If you are a Windows 7 user, you have probably already used Jump Lists, which allows

More Fun WIth Office Click To Run Deployments

Okay, maybe fun isn’t quite the right word, but sometimes that’s really the only way to explain the attraction to dig a little deeper. After the last post where I covered how to take advantage of some of the lesser documented product IDs that work with Office Click To Run, it’s time to see how including a product ID versus ExcludeApp affect what gets deployed. Let’s start with the Lync client, because the one I had to work with most

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