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Windows 8 Tablets Score Well In Choice Review

Choice is very similar to the US Consumer Reports organisation, as they both provide independent reviews of products and services, and in this month’s magazine they had a tablet feature in which Windows 8 tablets scored surprisingly well in the current edition. Surprisingly well? Let me explain… There was a time when I tended to avoid reading their PC related articles, as I was pro-Microsoft and tended to read their reviews as written through the eyes of Apple users. This

Global Internet Speeds In The Spotlight. Again…

In life we all encounter people who like to one up whatever story is being told, regardless of the reality of the situation. As a former competitive powerlifter, I encountered this all the time – there were no shortage of friends of friends who were breaking national and international records in their local gym without even realising it. More impressive were the number of people who were world champion strong before their knee exploded, or there shoulder started to give

MAP Toolkit 8.5 is now available

I’ll be heading along to some sessions that cover 8.5 at WPC in Houston this week, and the timing couldn’t be better. This is just a quick jetlag sleep avoidance cut and paste of the details, once I get home I’ll have a chance to put the final release through its paces. The MAP team is pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 8.5! This release adds new scenarios to help organizations assess their environments

Useful Windows 8.1 Hardware Resources

In preparation for all the Windows 8.1 device sessions at WPC 2013 this week, here’s a whole lot of useful resources targeting Windows 8.1 hardware. As with some other recent Microsoft events, here at Intunedin we took advantage of the heavily discounted Surface and Surface Pro offers yesterday, of which the Surface Pro is already updated to 8.1 courtesy of a heavily loaded hotel internet connection. I’ve ordered an el cheapo Miracast device from ebay, and am looking forward to

Lower cost SSHDs to be supported by Windows 8.1

Solid State Hybrid Drive, which provide the storage capacity of regular HDDs, and some of the performance benefits of SSDs, have gotten a boost by Microsoft dropping the minimum requirements from 12GB of NAND to 8GB of NAND. While 8GB doesn’t like a huge amount of storage cache, Microsoft’s recent testing has found that performance issues and cache lifetime concerns are not the problems they were expecting. With the ever expanding capabilities of Ultrabooks with single drive bays, these drives

Simple Recertification for Windows 8.1 Hardware Logo

Although it shouldn’t be a surprise, it’s good to see that Microsoft has implemented a simple recertification process for a wide variety of device types. Certified Windows 8 devices and drivers can be resubmitted for Windows 8.1 Digital Video CameraDigital Media RendererDigital Still CameraDistribution Scan Management Enabled DeviceEnterprise WSD Multifunction PrinterGame ControllerGeneric ControllerGraphics TabletHard Drive – HDD, SSDLAN CSLANLCDMonitorMultifunction PrinterOptical DrivePen DigitizerPrecision TouchpadPrinterRemovable StorageRouterScannerSDIO ControllerSignature TabletSmart CardSmart Card ReaderStorage ArrayStorage Controller (Client)Storage Spaces Adapter (Client)Storage Spaces DriveStorage Spaces EnclosureTouchTouch MonitorUSB

Windows Intune Wave E Preview

It was great to see Windows Intune featured in this week’s TechEd keynote, and plenty of additional details have started to emerge, some of which I will cover in this post. I won’t be covered items related to the System Center Configuration Manager integration as that’s not my area of focus, instead I’ll focus on the cloud based PC management and Mobile Device Management capabilities. Cloud Only Option What does Windows Intune offer when working as a standalone service? It’s

Adding Windows Intune To The CIE

With last week’s update from CIE 4.1 to 4.5, the Office 365 based version added support for Yammer and CRM Online, moving into a position of having scenario elements that the VM based version doesn’t offer just yet. One of the elements that is still missing though is the incorporating of Windows Intune into the scenarios. This is something that isn’t all that difficult to do, depending on how complex you want to make it, but for the sake of

Is this (the shape of) your next PC?

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a few too many Windows 8 tablets and laptops, and there’s been a form factor variation that seems to be a winner in the long term, and that’s the dockable tablet. The main one I have been able to spend a few weeks with is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, but there was a brief dalliance with the HP ElitePad and some of it’s

Targus To The Rescue

Recently my colleague Loryan Strant aka The Cloud Mouth wrote a post about using one of the Targus USB 3.0 docking stations with his Surface Pro (purchased in the US during MVP summit, and before you ask, nobody from Microsoft Australia is discussing a local release date yet…). This is the type of usage we normally expect from various docking stations, but the ever shrinking number of ports on devices has made these more of a must have than a

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