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New video posted – Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Client Install and End User Portal

This video gives a short introduction to the client installation process, and includes some hints and tips for a smoother and faster client install procedure, and also gives a first glimpse at the self service portal for users where they can assign the device to their account, as well as choose which applications to install. Client Install and Self Service Portal

New Microsoft Post On Using Windows Intune To Deploy Office 365 Bits

Check out the Microsoft article here, but you can also see what I’ve posted previously on the topic on the links below… Just how effective is TMG as a caching solution for Windows Intune and Office 365? To Patch Or Not To Upgrade Base Application Installations More Updating, And A Few Mysteries Solved

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Sign Up open and video available

Sign Up Video You can now sign up for the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release here. and I’ve recorded the steps to do so. You can read the official announcement from Microsoft on the Windows Team Blog.

Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Online Help Available

Mentioned in the pre-release document in the last post, the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Online Help is now available, here are the links to currently available topics. Enjoy! Learn and Prepare for Windows IntuneLearn About Windows Intune FeaturesStart Working with Windows Intune Deploying and Enrolling Clients Planning for Client Deployment and Enrollment, Deploying the Windows Intune Client SoftwareMonitoring, Alerting, and Reporting for Deployment Common Tasks for Windows IntuneAdd Multiple Users with Bulk ImportAdding and Managing AdministratorsEnabling Mobile Device ManagementManaging

Using MDT 2012 RC to deploy the Windows Intune client

Microsoft has had some information on using MDT 2010 to build operating systems with the Windows Intune client installed already, but I thought it was worth taking a look at the process in MDT 2012 RC, and an approach for partners who may need to build images for several of their clients. Two of the critical things to remember when deploying the Windows Intune client to new computers is that it needs internet connectivity to complete the installation. If you

More Updating, And A Few Mysteries Solved

Continuing on the theme of the last few posts and updating and distributing software via Windows Intune, I thought it was time to address a few of the issues I’ve encountered since working with Windows Intune. These may be publically documented, but if so, I haven’t seen the links yet. The first mystery I encountered was the discrepancy between the traffic showing on the client NIC properties during the update process. The best way to explain this is that it

To Patch Or Not To Upgrade Base Application Installations

As I was uploading Office 2010 Pro Plus (from the Office 365 subscription), I noticed that Office 2010 Service Pack 1 was not part of the update. At first this struck me as a bit odd, considering that you would normally want the users to receive the latest version of the software, but after some consideration, I decided it’s the better approach to only distribute the RTM version. Why was this? There are several reasons I can think of immediately,

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