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Updated Windows 10 Technical Preview RSAT tools available for download

A new version of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) has been released, you can grab it here Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview (January 2015) Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview enables IT administrators to manage roles and features that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server Technical Preview from a remote computer that is running Windows 10 Technical Preview. Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview includes Server

Adding Online Services To Your Windows Server Essentials Install–Office 365

In yesterday’s post I introduced the integration of Microsoft Online Services into Essentials and started off by enabling Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration, and today I’ll run through the process for enabling Office 365 integration. Picking up where we left off last time, you can see that within the Essentials Dashboard I have already enabled the Azure AD integration. The next step is to select the Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 option on the right hand side of the screen.

Microsoft Server Readiness Training – 23 City Roadshow in 2015

In early 2015 we’re taking our Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Readiness training on the road across Australia and you’re invited to attend. Covering all the capital cities (including Darwin) as well as regional centres from Geraldton to Mudgee, this is one of our most extensive training roadshows in recent years. Now is the time to lay the IT foundation of your customers’ businesses for the next decade and beyond. Upgrading their aging servers and operating systems now will not

ModernBiz Tech Training Events Coming In October and December

I’ll be delivering this series of readiness events for Microsoft in October and November, this time round the cities being visited are Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Below is the official invite text, let me know in advance if you are planning on attending. There will be other events in this series, which will dig into additional topics, but to start, take a look below and see if this is appropriate for you or others in your business Grow Your

RemoteApp and Desktop Connections in Windows 8.1 24/81

I’ve previously covered several elements of Microsoft’s BYOD technologies for Windows 8.1, including Work Folders, Workplace Join and Device Management, but an old favourite gets thrust into the spotlight as part of this strategy, and that is Remote Desktop. Whether we are talking about presenting a Windows desktop or an application, RDP has become more important as non-Windows platforms have taken the lion’s share of the mobile device world. While versions of Office and other productivity and LOB applications are

Using Shared Storage For Hyper-V In Windows 8.1 (17/81)

One of the big benefits of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is the inclusion of client Hyper-V in the business oriented SKUs, especially for dev and test purposes. I’ve discussed this a few times previously, but I haven’t shown how to set up how to store your VMs on the network, which makes it easier to move VMs to and from the client and the Hyper-V servers in your environment. As I’ve just set up a pimped out Gen8 HP

Ahead of the Game Technical Series

For those of you in the eastern states of Australia – make sure you register for this. Why? Well, the content will be great, and I’ll be delivering it, and there will free lunch. Talk about a winning trifecta!   You’re invited to the Ahead of the Game Technical Series The Ahead of the Game Technical Series is a Server and Cloud technical training for Microsoft Partners delivering value-added services to small and midsize businesses. Attend this three days of

Generation 2 Virtual Machines In Windows 8.1 Hyper-V Part 1 (9/81)

The inclusion of Hyper-V in Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise was a huge benefit for those of us who work in environments where Hyper-V is the hypervisor of choice, which I guess also includes those of us who use Azure IaaS capabilities. Being able to build dev and test VMs on your desktop, laptop or tablet, and then move them over to a high performance server without making changes is something that I take advantage of every week,

Better Together: SMB 3.0 Multichannel (6/81)

With the release of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a major overhaul of Server Message Block (SMB) networking. The result of this was many new capabilities were introduced: SMB Transparent Failover SMB Scale Out SMB Multichannel SMB Direct SMB Encryption VSS for SMB file shares SMB Directory Leasing SMB PowerShell For the purpose of today’s post though, I will just focus on SMB Multichannel, which provides bandwidth performance improvements without needing to set up NIC teams in Windows Server, and

Home Network Rework

I recently went through the process of consolidating a bunch of servers at home, primarily driven by the need to avoid juggling VMs across multiple machines to get them all running properly. The old setup looked as follows… 1 x Intel Dual Quad Xeon w/32GB RAM1 x Intel Dual Dual Xeon w/16GB RAM1 x Acer AC100 Xeon w/16GB RAM2 x i7 9xx w/24GB RAM2 x HP Microservers w/16GB RAM for storage Each had additional Intel dual port NICs added, and

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