3 Feb.

The Windows Intune Accelerator Device (aka Project TWIAD)

One of the upcoming series of articles that will be posted to this site is what I have called Project TWIAD. The goal of this is to focus on the types of time improvements and download savings that can be made if there is some type of caching solution in between the client PCs and the Internet connection.

This is something that has been documented on the Official Windows Intune Team blog, but I will be going in to details on the hardware configuration used, most likely the very versatile HP MicroServer, and running through some of the different choices of Windows Server that may be suitable, giving the pros and cons of each. Of course you can implement similar solutions on other devices and operating systems, but my heritage is Windows Server so that’s what I’ll be sticking with.

If there are any specific scenarios you would like tested (such as small packages and large application deliveries by the software distrubtion component, initial setup speed differences etc), leave a comment, and I will do my best to incorporate that into the testing that is presented.

This is not going to be highly detailed peer reviewed content, but instead obersvations of what has been found in my specific testing environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t criticise me or my methodologies once published.


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 31 Jan.

Windows Intune Deployment Video Series

The Windows Intune team have started a video series on Windows Intune Deployment, featuring Richard Harrison, Technical Product Manager.

The topics covered include
Configuring a new environment
Converting from a trial to a fully activated account
Overview of the three Windows Intune Policies
That ever popular topic – “and more”

Watch now

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 31 Jan.

Combining Windows Intune with MS CRM Online Capabilities

Looking at making the best use of your internal usage rights for CRM Online?

Take a look a the following links to get all the information you need to get it up and running.

CRM Online E-Mail Router – Yes We Do That!
This covers off one of the pieces that is missing from some of the following documentation – the email router installation on CRM Online. Without this vital piece the following document will not deliver the all of the results that you are expecting.

Using Windows Intune with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 

Learn how you can use Windows Intune in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to enhance your service offerings. Discover how to create and manage customer contracts, establish and automate internal business processes, and track customer cases against service-level agreements (SLAs). MPN membership required for this download.



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 31 Jan.

Are you ready to take advantage of your Windows 7 Enterprise Upgrade? Use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 to find out

Simplify your organization’s migration to Windows 7 and Windows Internet Explorer 9 with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 6.5. The MAP Internet Explorer migration assessmentnow updated for Internet Explorer 9 migrationinventories your environment and reports on deployed web browsers, Microsoft ActiveX controls, and add-ons, and then generates a migration assessment report and proposal for easier migration to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9.

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 31 Jan.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 Beta 2 now available for download

In order to take advantage of the Windows upgrade license that is included with Windows Intune, you should really be looking at tools such as MDT to help simplify the deployment process.

MDT’s new features and enhancements make large-scale desktop and server deployments smoother than ever!

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Beta 2 is now available for download! For System Center Configuration Manager customers, the MDT 2012 Beta 2 provides an improved, extensible wizard and designer for customizing deployment questions. MDT 2012 makes full use of the capabilities provided by System Center Configuration Manager 2012 for OS deployment. MDT 2012 integrates with configuration templates from the Security Compliance Manager (SCM) tool to ensure a secure Windows installation from the beginning of the deployment. Download the latest version of MDT and improve your deployment experience. Existing MDT users will find more reliability and flexibility with the many small enhancements and bug fixes and a smooth and simple upgrade process.

Join the beta program and text drive MDT 2012.

Check out the team video and learn what MDT can do for you!

Learn more about the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

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 29 Jan.

A new site is born

This site is dedicated to all things related to Windows Intune, and will act as a centralised source of links, FAQs, and hints and tips. There will be several of us contributing to the site to make sure that the coverage is as broad as possible.

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