This is just a short update, primarily confirming that the NIC traffic in Hyper-V VMs is being accurately reported again. I’m not quite sure what has triggered this, but I’ve got a few VM snapshots I can revert to when I want to dig further into the issue.

The other piece of the testing that I’ve just confirmed is working as expected, that is traffic is being cached comprehensively, is the single NIC proxy/caching only scenario for TMG that I wanted initially. The TMG wizards make it easy enough to reconfigure the server after removing the additional virtual NIC, and the client was updated with the changed IP address of the proxy server via IE and netsh as shown in previous posts. With these changes in place, I now have a working TMG configuration for all the machines on my network, not just machines in a virtual network, and I’ll certainly save myself some Windows Intune and Windows Update traffic on my ISP connection each month.

After spending way too much time doing updates and rebuilds (or reverting to snapshots…) I’ve been noticing some interesting differences between the way Windows Intune delivers the updates versus the way Windows Updates does, but that will be a topic for a future post.