Mentioned in the pre-release document in the last post, the Windows Intune April 2012 Pre-Release Online Help is now available, here are the links to currently available topics. Enjoy!

Learn and Prepare for Windows Intune

Learn About Windows Intune Features
Start Working with Windows Intune

Deploying and Enrolling Clients

Planning for Client Deployment and Enrollment,
Deploying the Windows Intune Client Software
Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting for Deployment

Common Tasks for Windows Intune

Add Multiple Users with Bulk Import
Adding and Managing Administrators
Enabling Mobile Device Management
Managing License Agreements
Working with Reports

Working with Software Distribution

Planning for Software Distribution
Adding and Deploying Software
Monitoring the Deployment Status
Uninstalling Software from Managed Computers

Managing Security for Computers, Mobile Devices, and Data

Planning for Computer, Mobile Device, and Data Security
Creating a Policy
Deploying a Policy
Configuring Updates
Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting for Security

Working with Alerts and Monitoring

Planning for Working with Alerts and Monitoring
Configuring Alert Types
Working with Alerts
Technical Reference for Alerts and Monitoring

Providing User Support and Self-Service Capabilities

Remote Tasks
Customizing the Company Portal
Using the Company Portal
Responding to a Remote Assistance Request