Some statistics that were shared so far…

Approximately 2.5 million tablets, 3 million laptops, 2.5 million desktops sold in past year in Australia

80% of 600,000 apps are made up of 200 downloads at a global level.

90 applications classified as top apps for Australian market – a few Australian brands were listed, but as examples, not commitments to being available by launch.

Localised experience versus pure global apps to ensure good launch for Australian customers. Have to assume this is occurring in other markets as well, and I’ve already been using the SBS app to watch shows I’ve missed.

Some of the discussions in the room…

Benefit for home users – multiple profiles with parental controls etc best of PC with usability of tablet – makes it much better for family usage scenarios

Discussion on connecting Microsoft account versus non connecting, and impact on capabilities, security etc

Good introduction to Windows 8 UI, good to see a demo from someone who uses Windows 8 rather than sticking to a rigid corporate delivered script.

Focus on consumption and creation with same device, just what is the purpose

x86 classified as the no compromise business tablet – not Windows RT. Looking forward to hearing how this is positioned versus my views.

Push to get IE6 based apps that keep users on XP to move apps to Win8 enterprise apps – app remediation