Altech, one of Microsoft’s OEM distributors in Australia has asked me to write a series of articles targeting their channel partners to help educate and prepare them for new Windows releases. As some of you already know, I have spent most of the past 20+ years involved in things related to Microsoft, Windows and product launches, and this is an opportunity to bring all three together again.

The site is almost ready to go live, there are still a few formatting and image updates that need to be applied, but I’ve already got some content loaded and ready to go. Altech’s channel partners are primarily SMB and consumer focused, so the content will be targeted differently based on that, and will also have a much stronger focus on products that are on the OEM pricelist versus volume licensing or cloud based.

For those of you who are more enterprise focused, don’t despair, I will be creating some content that will be more appropriate for you, especially in regards to Altech’s early adoption of Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V as the basis for their infrastructure redesign, giving them the ability to start rolling out new capabilities much more easily.

With some of the recent Windows Intune announcements there will be an opportunity to start promoting that into a new channel that has not been reached yet, so I’ll do my best to help them that message out there as well.

Check the site out here, and feel free to leave me some feedback.