Week 3 of the Altech Windows 8 Launch articles I’ve been writing – have a read for my take on the new features and capabilities in Windows 8.

Hyper-V Tips And Tricks In Windows 8 Pro

The inclusion of Hyper-V with Windows 8 Pro delivers some great out of box functionality, but there are some simple things you can do to make it even more useful in a variety of scenarios, including development,  testing, deployment and application compatibility scenarios.

Windows 7 Ultimate Features That Now Require Windows 8 Enterprise

As mentioned in my previous post on the Windows 8 editions, there are some Windows 7 Ultimate features that are no longer available in OEM or retail versions of Windows. This doesn’t mean that the features aren’t available for your customers, but that you will need to obtain Windows 8 Enterprise in order to deliver these features. Traditionally you would have had to look at one of Microsoft’s volume licensing programs in order to get an Enterprise version of Windows, but that’s not the only option now.

Media Playback Options In Windows 8

Microsoft has had something of a disjointed approach to media playback in Windows for a while now. For an extended period of time, Windows Media Player was their go to media playback client, but then Windows Media Center got it’s moment in the spotlight, and with the launch of Windows Phone 7, the Zune software took centre stage. Where does this leave us with Windows 8? Let’s start with the existing media clients from Microsoft before getting into the new additions and changes.

Introduction To Windows RT

Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 that currently runs on ARM based tablets. ARM System on Chip (SoC) hardware currently runs the majority of tablets that are already in use, as well as powering a large percentage of the phones that are in market today. ARM solutions are generally selected when efficient power usage is required along with good performance, and there are a large variety of ARM offerings currently in market for different purposes from different ARM licensees. ARM has been one of the targets for Microsoft in the mobile and PDA space over the years, but until Windows 8 and Windows RT it hasn’t gotten a great deal of direct attention from the core Windows team.

Windows 8 And SSD Technology

Everyone knows that an SSD is faster that a mechanical drive, with my recently acquired Corsair Neutron GTX drive delivering a read speed of over 500MB/s and write speed over 470MB/s. These numbers, combined with extremely low seek times, can completely transform a PC, and today’s post will focus on what to expect when adding an SSD to a Windows 8 based PC.