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SSD Benefits For Windows Server 2012 Part 1

For specific workloads, many of the benefits that end users receive from SSDs also apply on servers, and in today’s post I want to cover a some of these. While it’s not cost effective or all that useful to use SSDs in general purpose storage where speed isn’t critical, such as the typical file server, for scenarios such as virtualisation and databases there are some huge performance improvements to be seen.

Why Choose Hyper-V For Virtualisation in SMB

Now in its third version, Hyper-V has grown into a very mature, capable product, and has long distanced itself from its Virtual Server predecessors of many years ago. For those of you who have already been deploying Hyper-V solutions, the move to the new version brings a host of new features to enable new scenarios and solutions. For those of you who are new to virtualisation, Hyper-V builds on your existing Windows skills to allow you to jump into the world of virtualisation without learning everything from scratch. For those of you who may currently be using other virtualisation solutions, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the new version to see if it addresses your customer needs.