Previously I had written about adding Windows RT to the CIE, and now with the Windows RT 8.1 Preview it’s time to revisit the topic, with the new Outlook 2013 the main drawcard for now.

First up, it’s time to deal with the non-trusted CA Root Authority.

Screenshot (1)

Extract the certificate from the zip file.

Screenshot (2)

Open the certificate.Screenshot (3)

Install the certificate to trusted Root CAsScreenshot (4)

Once the certificate is installed, it’s time to configure Outlook. The easiest place to do this is within the Mail option in Control Panel.Screenshot (5)

Follow the steps in the dialogs to configure Exchange settings.Screenshot (6)

Run Outlook, receive email. Once you make sure to show all email rather than just the last two weeks of email.

Screenshot (20)

Next stop, the Store, where we need to install Lync and SharePoint newsfeeds.

Screenshot (10)

Sign in with your persona of choice.Screenshot (7)

Say hi to your friends, and let them know you’ve missed them.

Screenshot (8)

SharePoint Newsfeed is up next, again, install it from the Store.Screenshot (9)

Time for credentials.

Screenshot (11)

Enter the details for your newsfeed.Screenshot (12)

Explore, and make some updates to ensure it’s working correctly.

Screenshot (14)

Screenshot (15)Screenshot (16)Screenshot (17)Screenshot (18)Screenshot (19)

That’s it – all up it’s pretty easy, just make sure you install the certificate first, otherwise you will encounter a world of frustration. I didn’t document configuring the Mail app this time as it hasn’t changed from what was required previously, and most of the focus will be on Outlook.