In yesterday’s post I covered Workplace join, but there was another option for device management which I hadn’t discussed yet. This option allows Windows 8.1 devices to be managed as mobile devices via the OMA-DM API which allows many different MDM solutions to target Windows 8.1 as well as the types of devices traditionally associated as mobile devices.

Now I can choose to Turn On device management, which in this case allows Windows Intune to manage by Windows 8.1 device as a mobile device.

There is a prompt for credentials, which I allow.

I have to log in with my organizational account again.

I’m then prompted to Allow apps and services from IT.

I could leave things here, and effectively leave everything to the IT admin, but instead I can install the Company Portal app from the Windows Store to see what applications are available to me.

This is the Windows Intune based Company Portal, with a review on the right from somebody familiar. If you like big blocks of solid colour you will like this app, and if you don’t, well… let’s hope those that worked on the iOS Company Portal app get a chance to redesign this.

Once the Company Portal app install completes, running it allows us to sign in, and as you can see, it has asked me to sign in to the Windows Intune site.

However, once it detects that this Active Directory environment is federated with Azure Active Directory, it redirects me.

Now you can see that I am back at a contosodemo sign in screen like we saw in yesterday’s post.

Here you can see the app categories, the highlighted apps, as well as the devices that are associated to this account.