Back in a previous post I discussed Miracast support in Windows 8.1 and some of the different devices I had a chance to try out, but I’m now ready to crown a new champion based on my own experiences. I had previously mentioned that Belkin had some information available about an upcoming Miracast adapter, and now that I’ve got it and had a chance to run it through its paces, I’m pleased to announce I’ve found an adapter that works well in a variety of environments, including some that I was never able to get previous adapters working in.

I had a bit of trouble with some of the original devices I tested due to the amount of wireless interference in the 2.4GHz range, due to close proximity access points and some Sonos devices that were very close to the test location. I effectively had a Miracast dead zone, which the new Belkin adapter effectively eliminated. Why’s that? Well, because it doesn’t have to use 2.4GHz, and instead can use 5GHz.


As you can see, this is an HDMI adapter, which is powered via Micro USB, and it also supports over the air firmware updates, something which is critical in this every progressing world. Just be aware that if your HDMI ports are close together and already mostly filled, you may need to get an HDMI extension cable to plug the device in. You may also need a longer Micro USB cable if your USB and HDMI ports are a decent distance away from each other.

So far this device has been the most consistent Miracast adapter I’ve used, and it’s now become a part of my travel adapter and cable collection, which I probably need to write an updated article about soon.