This month I will be delivering three Windows 8.1 online events for the readiness team, in which I will be covering various elements of Windows 8.1 capabilities, deployment and management. The demise of XP, and an ever increasing number of touch based Windows devices mean that customers need to be aware of what’s in store and how you can make that transition easier for them.

You can register for these now at the Partner Learning Centre.

Introducing the Windows 8.1 Update – Monday 16th June 1-2 P.M. EST

Learn what’s new and improved in the latest update, and how these changes help those who use a keyboard and mouse as well as those who use touch based devices.

Migration and Deployment with Windows 8.1 – Monday 23rd June 1-2 P.M. EST

With Windows XP now unsupported, its critical to move your customers to a more recent version of Windows. Get your customer’s current with Windows 8.1, and allow them to take advantage of the latest advancements in touch and mobility.

Managing Windows 8.1 with Windows Intune – Monday 30th June 1-2 P.M. EST

With the increasing adoption of Windows 8.1 as a mobile platform,  management of these devices on and off the network is becoming increasingly important. Windows Intune not only provides management capabilities for your Windows PCs and Windows Phones, but it also managed iOS and Android devices as well.