Over the last month much of what my working life has involved has included discussions around the benefits of Office 365 suite subscriptions for business and consumers. Today’s announcement that OneDrive is moving to 1TB per Office 365 Home Premium subscription for each of the 5 accounts, effectively giving 5TB of online storage per subscription. This number does seem crazy, and there’s the whole issue of getting all that data into the cloud, but I’m not going to complain about that burden.


So this leads to the question – with the generous installation rights per subscription, why would someone still purchase a standalone copy of Office 2013 for home use? There are a few, and they are generally getting harder to support. Let’s run through a few of them.

I only need Office installed on 1 device, therefore purchasing the appropriate version of Office 2013 is cheaper

There are two potential problems with this response, the first is that the number of single device households is shrinking. It may still be a 1 PC household, but if you add the iPads, the iPhones and the Android phones, that seems like a more accurate representation of the world around us, and Office 365 Home Premium has you covered. For those who truly do need to use it on a single device, and want a perpetual license, then Office 2013 may represent short term value, but it’s still worth investigating everything else that’s included.

My PC isn’t connected to the Internet. Ever. Seriously.

Okay, if your machine isn’t connected to the internet for the subscription validation requirements, you have a legitimate reason to use Office 2013. It will still require an initial activation though, but you can probably do that over the phone. I don’t know, I haven’t looked, and probably never will.

I don’t want/trust/need a cloud subscription

It’s always interesting to hear what about the subscription approach is off-putting to some users. Sometimes it’s because they think they need to be online all the time, sometimes it’s because they want to own a physical product. But these days a physical copy of Office is more likely to be a box with a product key and a download URL and not an install DVD.

I want to pass it down to future generations

Why on earth would you want to do that?

Office 365 Personal

I’ve kept this product out of the discussion. I think it should be kept out of most discussions unless you are trying to make it easier to justify buying Office 2013 instead.

Where To Go For More Information

Now, if you are thinking about Office 365 Home Premium and how the subscription work in a household, take a look at the following article http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/support/share-office-365-home-with-up-to-four-people-in-your-household-HA103478662.aspx.