In yesterday’s post I introduced the integration of Microsoft Online Services into Essentials and started off by enabling Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration, and today I’ll run through the process for enabling Office 365 integration.

Essentials Azure Integration 8

Picking up where we left off last time, you can see that within the Essentials Dashboard I have already enabled the Azure AD integration.

Essentials Azure Integration 9

The next step is to select the Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 option on the right hand side of the screen.

Essentials Azure Integration 10

Because this uses the Azure AD credentials that I have already provided, I don’t need to provide those credentials again, it’s just a matter of clicking Configure.

Essentials Azure Integration 11

A short configuration process runs, you don’t need to supply any information.

Essentials Azure Integration 12

And that’s it, you have enabled the Office 365 integration and will be able to administer it from within the Dashboard after the Dashboard is restarted.

Essentials Azure Integration 13

Now you can see that both Azure AD and Office 365 integration are enabled, but you also have the Office 365 option exposed above the Microsoft Online Services listing.

Essentials Azure Integration 28

I won’t go into the administration details in today’s post, instead I just want to present you with the screen above so that you can see what is exposed within this interface, and I will discuss where this comes in handy in another post in this series.