Now that I’ve been using the different Windows 10 previews for a while I thought it was time I started highlighting some of the changes that I like. Some of these might seem minor, but with constant use they certainly add up. Considering the amount of time my laptop spends connected to projectors and hotel room televisions, any improvement in this area is definitely appreciated, so on to the changes in projection.

Windows+P launches still launches projection options, but the big difference now is that you can project in whatever mode you want to be in, rather than having to adjust it afterwards. Take a look at the image below. Windows 10 External Graphics


Unfortunately I still travel with more display connection options than I really should, I’d rather have options available to me. You can see in the image above that there are two Miracast adapters, one of them is the Actiontec, and the other is from Belkin. The other connection shown is from the HDMI to VGA/Audio adapter I have, for some reason my laptop isn’t happy pushing audio over HDMI right now. Fingers crossed it’s just a tech preview issue, it’s not a showstopper, but I’d rather use HDMI where possible.


Windows 10 Device Settings

There have been some minor changes in the Devices section of Settings, where you can scan for things like new Miracast adapters, printers and other networked devices.