Today the Intune team blogged that they would have zero day support for iOS9, including the following capabilities and more…

Managed App Conversion (more on this below…)
App Trust Flow
AirDrop as an unmanaged storage location
MDM support for disabling iCloud Photo Library
App Whitelisting

Managed App Conversion is the one that caught my eye, as under current versions of iOS you need to uninstall the applications if they are already installed, and then reinstall them via the links in the company portal. Back when people didn’t have too many corporate apps on their devices, and the app sizes were small, uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t have been that much of a problem, but if you think about some of the current Microsoft apps available on iOS…

Word 340MB
Excel 321MB
PowerPoint 300MB
OneNote 153MB
OneDrive 90MB
Outlook 50MB
Lync 2013 29MB

That’s almost 1.3GB! And that’s just these Microsoft managed apps. Now start multiplying that by the number of managed iOS devices, factor in the user support requests for those joining and leaving an Intune managed environment, and you start to understand why this new feature in iOS 9 is huge.

Once people start seeing these numbers it also highlights the amount of network traffic that mobile devices can generate, whether it be as mobile data, on corporate networks or on home networks. While it would be great to see the different app stores start to provide delta updates to installed apps, even within a reasonable number of updates, at this point we need to acknowledge that potentially huge amounts of traffic are going to be generated by regular app updates.