The vast majority of the early posts to this site where done from Zlin, a small city in the south east of the Czech Republic, and famous for being the birthplace of Ivana Trump and Bata shoes. This week fate has me back in the Czech Republic for a 4 day train the trainer event for AAD, Intune and RMS… or Enterprise Mobility Suite as the cool kids call that combination. This preview of the material forms the basis of upcoming training events that I’ll be running in Australia. There are already some welcome improvements versus the previous versions of EMS training, the summary is below…

Pre-Work:  This is something we’ve been trying to implement in the previous deliveries with limited success, as most people aren’t used to the idea of doing a bunch of prep work done before turning up to the event. I know I’m guilty of not even knowing where events are until the morning of the event when I look in my calendar. Signing up for the Azure trial if needed, setting up AAD Premium and an Office 365 E Trial are all parts of this, but it goes further with the manual creation of cloud and storage accounts, and the pre-creation of virtual machines and the purchase of certificates for use in the ADFS labs.

Hydration Kit now supports Azure VMs:  This addresses a big problem for those who didn’t have the right equipment (low specs or non-x64 8GB+ laptops), the right operating systems (Win 8 Pro or higher, Windows Server 2012 or higher), the right hypervisor (Hyper-V). This is a huge improvement, and because this is all PowerShell driven you can customise as much or as little as needed, such as changing the Azure datacenter the VMs are provisioned in, for example.

Content will be splt: The AAD Premium content will be 2 days of content, and the Intune and RMS content will be combined into 2 days of content. This really starts to give the topics the time they deserve, especially considering how much of the time had previously been spent on lab setup.

Last but not least, and completely unrelated to the training topics, my Czech speaking skills are still non-existant, apart from key words like pivo, sunka and zrzlina.