Shortly after clicking update now on my iOS devices I realised I probably shouldn’t have done it just yet… oh well, here’s to a quick resolution…

Here is the email that was sent out…

Apple’s recent iOS 9.2 release introduced errors affecting MDM functionality. This issue affects Microsoft Intune, and has been widely reported across multiple Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers. Microsoft engineers are working directly with Apple to assist in resolution of this issue. Action requested: Please advise end users to defer upgrading their devices to iOS 9.2 until the issue has been resolved. Impact details: The impact to an iOS 9.2 device managed by Intune will include:

Managed application installations are affected
Managed application status information will not be reported
Compliant/Non-Compliant application information for customers using app whitelist and blacklist policies will not be reported
Compliance checks initiated from Intune Company Portal on the device will fail
Device syncs initiated from Intune Company Portal on the device will fail
New configuration policies created by the admin will not be enforced
If devices are compliant, they will continue to be compliant and will be allowed by Conditional Access
If devices are not compliant and brought into compliance, they won’t update their status and will be blocked by Conditional Access

For the latest information on this issue, head to the Intune Status dashboard – or the Intune blog – To contact Microsoft Support, please click here. Thank you, The Microsoft Intune team