Again, just a quick post to highlight some resources for upcoming courses I’ll be delivering. These are sessions from Ignite last year, and also cover the RDS deployment and best practices.

RDS Improvements in the Next Version of Windows Server

In the next release of Windows Server we have made significant performance and API investments in RemoteFX. If you’re interested in understanding the value of Hyper-V VDI for your organization, this session provides you an in-depth look into the key improvement we’re introducing in RemoteFX. We cover topics such as new graphics APIs (OpenGL and OpenCL), VRAM configuration and H264 CODEC improvements. In addition we share some demos from key partners to showcase the performance capabilities for engineering class application workloads.

Deploying Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Roles in Microsoft Azure and Partner Hosted Clouds

This session walks through the architecture of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) hosted in Microsoft Azure as well as partner hosted and private clouds. We will also discuss new features in the next version of Windows Server that enhance desktop and application hosting in cloud computing environments. The discussion includes high availability considerations and capacity planning, as well as connectivity to corporate Active Directory and network resources.

An Insider’s Guide to Desktop Virtualization

Ready to drink from a fire hose? In this highly energized session, learn about insights, best practices, and hear unfiltered thoughts about Desktop Virtualization, VDI, vendors, and solutions. Discussion topics include: VDwhy, VDCry, VDI Smackdown, building and designing a Microsoft VDI solution, and 3D graphics. Experience the Microsoft and Citrix Virtual Desktop solution with a huge amount of videos and demos. With unique content and insights, this session is fun and packed with great content for everyone interested in Desktop Virtualization—and some nice giveaways. A session you don’t want to miss!