Azure RMS has just had another update, this time around it’s around changes to the usage logs being enabled automatically using free storege. Previously you had to manually create and manage an Azure Storge Account and enable the logging via PowerShell, but this is now automated for you. Below are the FAQs that were included in an update email sent out to Azure RMS customers.

Is usage logging enabled by default for all Azure RMS customers?

Yes, it’s enabled whether or not you’ve enabled logging previously, never used logging, or you’re a new Azure RMS customer. There is no action required from you to enable usage logging.

How do I access usage logs from the Microsoft-managed storage?

Download the new Azure Rights Management PowerShell module. Follow these steps for using the new cmdlet, Get-AadrmUserLog, to access your usage logs.

I had previously enabled usage logging manually and logs were being written to my Azure Storage account. Going forward, will the Azure RMS usage logs be written to both the Microsoft-managed storage and my Storage account?

No—as of February 2016, Azure RMS usage logs are written only to the Microsoft-managed storage. Use the guidance in this TechNet article to download the logs from your previously configured Storage account.

For more information take a look at Dan Plastina’s post on the RMS Blog where he addresses more FAQs, as well as his responses to to questions posted in the blog comment section. Of particular interest is his reponse to a question on separation of duties.