This month the Intune documentation got quite a bit of exposure by moving over the platform, so they were getting splashed all over tech blogs around the world.  The changes that are most relevant for my focus are the MAM without enrollment for policies for Skype for Business on iOS and Android, Teamviewer support for Remote Assistance on Intune agent based PCs, and notice around upcoming changes in the support of versions of iOS earlier than 8.0

May 2016

All of these features are also supported for hybrid deployments (Configuration Manager with Intune). For more information about new hybrid features, check out the Hybrid What’s New page.+


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Intune service health

Service health information for Intune has been moved to a central location with other Microsoft services. You’ll now find this information in the Office 365 management portal under Service Health. For more information, see this blog post.+

App management

    • MAM SDK: Support PIN length configuration. You will be able to specify the length of the PIN for MAM apps similar to a device PIN. This will require end users to comply with the new restrictions you set. They will see a slightly modified PIN screen to account for the longer input. For details, see MAM policy settings for Android, and MAM policy settings for iOS.
    • Skype for Business for iOS and Android. You can now target Skype for business with MAM without enrollment policies. Once users log in, the MAM policies will be applied.
    • New apps available for management with MAM policies. The Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps for Android can now be associated with MAM policies on devices that are not enrolled with Intune. For a full list of supported apps, go the Microsoft Intune mobile application gallery on the Microsoft Intune application partners page.


Device management


Company portal updates

Android Company portal app

End user toast notifications: End users will now see toast notifications from the Android Company Portal app when they are enrolling their devices or removing their devices from the Company Portal.+

Company Portal website

Company Portal website: Device identification banner will provide more information to end users. End users can now more easily identify the device they’ve selected when they are using the Company Portal website. If the wrong device is selected, they will be able to select the correct device by tapping the Tap here link in the home page banner.+

What’s coming

    • Message center UI onboarding. As part of the migration of Intune into the Office 365 Management portal, we will begin taking advantage of their Message Center to communicate new features and other notifications. Also, by installing the companion Office 365 Admin mobile app, you can receive notifications on your mobile phone and easily forward any messages to users or a distribution alias. We will begin using the Message Center with our May release to notify you when updates are completed and will include information on new and improved Intune features. Check out the Message Center today by logging into the Office 365 Management portal and choosing the MESSAGE CENTER option in the left navigation pane.
    • Changes to Device Enrollment Managers accounts. To improve performance and scale, Intune will no longer show all Device Enrollment Managers (DEM) devices in the My Devices pane of the Company Portal app. Only the local device running the app is displayed, and only if it is enrolled via the Company Portal app. The DEM user may perform actions on the local device, but remote management of other enrolled devices can only be performed from the Intune admin console. Additionally, Intune will deprecate using DEM accounts with either the Apple Device Enrollment Program or the Apple Configurator tool. Both these enrollment methods already support user-less enrollment for shared iOS devices. Only use DEM accounts when user-less enrollment for shared devices is unavailable.


Keep informed about upcoming developments for Intune with the Cloud Platform roadmap.+

Service deprecation

  • Custom Group Targeting of Notification Rules Removal. Intune notification rules define who an email alert will be sent to from Intune. Currently, you can configure notification rules to send emails to all users of devices in an Intune device group that you created. From around June 1st 2016 moving forward, targeting user-created groups will no longer be supported.

    Today, to target a notification rule to a group you created from the Microsoft Intune administration console, you would take the following steps:

    In the Admin workspace, click Notification Rules > Create New Rule

    In step two of the Create Notification Rule Wizard, select the device groups which the rule will target. This step, “select device groups”, is being removed from the Intune Console.

    The preliminary timeline for this change is as follows:

    • In June, 2016, new tenants will not see step two of the Create Notification Rule Wizard. Exiting tenants are unaffected.
    • Around August, 2016, some existing tenants will not see the “select device groups” in the wizard.
    • Around October, 2016, we expect that all tenants will not see the “select device groups” in the wizard.
  • Changes in support for the iOS Company Portal app. In the coming months, there will be an update for the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS that will only support devices running iOS 8.0 or later. Users won’t be able to enroll new devices running versions below iOS 8.0. Enrolled devices running versions below iOS 8.0 will continue to be managed and will, for a limited time, be able to continue using the Company Portal app. However, devices must be on iOS 8.0 or later to access the latest versions of the Company Portal app. We encourage you to notify users to update to iOS 8.0 or later to take full advantage of new Intune features.