This week at WPC Microsoft have been discussing some of the most recent changes to EMS, which has now been rebranded from Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security to take into account some of the recent additions that focus heavily on security. Over the coming weeks I’ll have time to dig into these in more detail, but for now here are the related blog posts for the announcements.

Introducing Enterprise Mobility + Security

Learn about the rebranding and the EMS E3 and EMS E5 SKU options.

Azure Information Protection: Available in public preview now!

This initial preview comprises two components:

  • An Azure management portal for the configuration and management of information protection policies, rules and labels.
  • An Azure Information Protection client for the consumption and enforcement of classification, labeling and protection policies across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (2010/13/16).

New in Intune: Conditional access for browsers, Dynamics CRM Online and Cisco ISE

With the latest Intune service update, there is a further expansion of the conditional access capabilities, which allows you to manage access to corporate email, files and other resources based on customisable conditions that ensure security and compliance, including location, risk, user, device, and app compliance. As conditions shift, access policies which are defined by IT are triggered to ensure that your corporate data is protected. And all this is done without on-premises gateways or appliances.