This month’s Intune updates have just been published, and includes updates for Android, iOS and Windows 10. Take a look below at the full update announcement from the Intune team.

New Capabilities

<!–### Actions for non-compliance <!–### In-console reports for MAM without enrollment <!–### Conditional access for MAM with SharePoint Online <!–679339
You can block apps that are not supported by Intune mobile app management (MAM) policies from accessing SharePoint Online. You can get started using Intune mobile app management in the Azure portal. Look for the __Conditional Access__ section in the __Settings__ blade which will include the option for SharePoint Online. This feature will ship separately from the rest of the service release.

Android 7.1.1 support

Intune now fully supports and manages Android 7.1.1.

Resolve issue where iOS devices are inactive, or the admin console cannot communicate with them

When users’ devices lose contact with Intune, you can give them new troubleshooting steps to help them regain access to company resources. See Devices are inactive, or the admin console cannot communicate with them.+


Defaulting to managing Windows desktop devices through Windows settings

The default behavior for enrolling Windows 10 desktops is changing. New enrollments will follow the typical MDM agent enrollment flow rather than through the PC agent.

The Company Portal website will provide Windows 10 desktop users with enrollment instructions that guide them through the process of adding Windows 10 desktop computers as mobile devices. This will not impact currently enrolled PCs, and your organization can still manage Windows 10 desktops using the PC agent if you prefer.

<!–### Company Portal for iOS links open inside the app

Improving mobile app management support for selective wipe

End users will be given additional guidance on how to regain access to work or school data if that data is automatically removed due to the “Offline interval before app data is wiped” policy.

New documentation for app protection policies

We have updated our documentation for admins and app developers who want to enable app protection policies (known as MAM policies) in their iOS and Android apps using the Intune App Wrapping Tool or Intune App SDK.+

The following articles have been updated:


The following articles are new additions to the docs library:+