Microsoft announced Intune for Education, a customised version of Intune to help education administrators deploy and manage devices and applications, as well as PC settings. With a recent update on Intune User Voice highlighting the incorporation of Apple VPP for Education, this should make the Intune in education story a much better one.

If you missed the announcement it may have been because it was posted on the Windows blog, where they also make some new low cost PC announcements as well. You can sign up for more information at but for now, here are a few screenshots of the new interface, if you want to see it in action watch the video at the bottom of the post.

From this screenshot you can see that this is leveraging the Azure Portal.

School Data Sync is on of the features discussed.

An alternate view of where you deploy apps and settings.


Choosing Windows Store apps to deploy, made easy

Applying settings made easy.