We are still in early February, but a few updates have rolled out late last month and early this month, below you will find a summary of these, which include app updates, and portal updates. I’ve received notification that one of my Intune tenants is going to be migrated early so that I can test things out without having to keep spinning up new trial tenants.

New Capabilities

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In-console reports for MAM without enrollment

New app protection reports have been added for both enrolled devices and devices that have not been enrolled. Find out more about how you can monitor mobile app management policies with Intune here.


Company Portal for iOS links open inside the app

Links inside of the Company Portal app for iOS, including those to documentation and apps, will open directly in the Company Portal app using an in-app view of Safari. This update will ship separately from the service update in January.

Modernizing the Company Portal website

Beginning in February, the Company Portal website will support apps that are targeted to users who do not have managed devices. The website will align with other Microsoft products and services by using a new contrasting color scheme, dynamic illustrations, and a “hamburger menu,” Company Portal website hamburger menu which will contain helpdesk contact details and information on existing managed devices. The landing page will be rearranged to emphasize apps that are available to users, with carousels for Featured and Recently Updated apps. You can find before and after images available on the What’s new in the Intune app UI page.

Progress bar when launching the Company Portal on iOS

The Company Portal for iOS is introducing a progress bar on the launch screen to provide the user with information about the loading processes that occur. There will be a phased rollout of the progress bar to replace the spinner. This means that some of your users will see the new progress bar while others will continue to see the spinner.