Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few ad-hoc conversations around the requirements for making sure the transition to the new AAD groups and portal goes smoothly, and a post on the topic has just appeared over on the Intune Support blog. In the post they mention six things to clean up to ensure a faster, smoother transition. While the removal of the Silverlight requirement is a big improvement from a browser compatibility perspective, the consolidation of management portals required and the consistency that is delivered is via a common portal UI and access via the Graph API are where the benefits really shine.

1- Policies or apps targeted to ungrouped users/devices

2- Using Exclusion Groups.

3 – Using Nested Groups (also called Implicit Exclusion Groups)

4- Any groups using the ‘Is Manager’ clause.

5- You have conflicting App deployment rules

6 –You are using an old version (prior to December 2016) of the Exchange connector for Intune.

Take a look over at the full post here.