This month the Intune preview in Azure gets additional capabilities, including iOS Lost Mode, Device Actions, custom app categories and LOB app assignment to unenrolled devices, along with new compliance reports.

Support for iOS Lost Mode

For iOS 9.3 and later devices, Intune added support for Lost Mode. You can now lock down a device to prevent all use and display a message and contact phone number of the device lock screen.

The end user will not be able to unlock the device until an admin disables Lost Mode. When Lost Mode is enabled, you can use the Locate device action to display the geographical location of the device on a map in the Intune console.

The device must be a corporate-owned iOS device, enrolled through DEP, that is in supervised mode.

For more information, see What is Microsoft Intune device management?

Improvements to Device Actions report

We’ve made improvements to the Device Actions report to improve performance. Additionally, you can now filter the report by state. For example, you could filter the report to show only device actions that were completed.”

Actions for non-compliance

Actions for non-compliance is a new feature of compliance policies that lets you take action on devices that are out of compliance. You can specify single or multiple actions and specify the time period at which those actions must occur. For example, you can notify users of non-compliant devices immediately after the devices become non-compliant through email, or you can block non-compliant devices from accessing corporate resources after a 3-day grace period via Conditional Access.

Custom app categories

You can now create, edit, and assign categories for apps you add to Intune. Currently, categories can only be specified in English. See How to add an app to Intune.

Assign LOB apps to users with unenrolled devices

You can now assign line of business apps from the store to users whether or not their devices are enrolled with Intune. If the user’s device is not enrolled with Intune, they must go to the Company Portal website to install it, instead of the Company Portal app.

New compliance reports

You now have compliance reports that give you the compliance posture of devices in your company and allow you to quickly troubleshoot compliance-related issues encountered by your users. You can view information about+

    • Overall compliance state of devices
    • Compliance state for an individual setting
    • Compliance state for an individual policy 

You can also use these reports to drill-down into an individual device to view specific settings and policies that affect that device.

Direct access to Apple enrollment scenarios

For Intune accounts created after January 2017, Intune has enabled direct access to Apple enrollment scenarios using the Enroll Devices workload in the Azure Preview portal. Previously, the Apple enrollment preview was only accessible from links in the classic Intune portal. Intune accounts created before January 2017 will require a one-time migration before these features are available in Azure. The schedule for migration has not been announced yet, but details will be made available as soon as possible. We strongly recommend creating a trial account to test out the new experience if your existing account cannot access the preview.