Earlier today I posted about the new features for Intune in the Azure Portal, and below are the general updates for the month. There are updates across MyApps, Managed Browser, Company Portal and Windows 10 Bulk Enrollment amongst others.


New capabilities

MyApps available for Managed Browser

Microsoft MyApps now have better support within the Managed Browser. Managed Browser users who are not targeted for management will be brought directly to the MyApps service, where they can access their admin-provisioned SaaS apps. Users who are targeted for Intune management will continue to be able to access MyApps from the built-in Managed Browser bookmark.+

New icons for the Managed Browser and the Company Portal

The Managed Browser is receiving updated icons for both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The new icon will contain the updated Intune badge to make it more consistent with other apps in Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S). You can see the new icon for the Managed Browser on the what’s new in Intune app UI page.+

The Company Portal is also receiving updated icons for the Android, iOS, and Windows versions of the app to improve consistency with other apps in EM+S. These icons will be gradually released across platforms from April to late May.+

progress indicator in Android Company Portal

An update to the Android Company Portal app shows a sign-in progress indicator when the user launches or resumes the app. The indicator progresses through new statuses, beginning with “Connecting…”, then “Signing in…”, then “Checking for security requirements…” before allowing the user to access the app. You can see the new screens for the Company Portal app for Android on the what’s new in Intune app UI page.+

Block apps from accessing SharePoint Online

You can now create an app-based conditional access policy to block apps, which don’t have app protection policies applied to them, from accessing SharePoint Online. In the apps-based conditional access scenario, you can specify the apps that you want to have access to SharePoint Online using the Azure portal.+

Bulk Enroll Windows 10 devices

You can now join large numbers of devices that run the Windows 10 Creators update to Azure Active Directory and Intune with Windows Configuration Designer (WCD). To enable bulk MDM enrollment for your Azure AD tenant, create a provisioning package that joins devices to your Azure AD tenant using Windows Configuration Designer, and apply the package to corporate-owned devices you’d like to bulk enroll and manage. Once the package is applied to your devices, they will Azure AD join, enroll in Intune, and be ready for your Azure AD users to log on. Azure AD users are standard users on these devices and receive assigned policies and required apps. Self-service and Company Portal scenarios are not supported at this time.